#001The commitment and pride to fabric

Everyday shirts have different comfortability unintentionally.
It isn’t coincident, it is certainty. Of course, the quality of the garment manufacture effects, it will change your feeling of the day depend on the fabric touches to your skin
We have the commitment and the pride to the fabric we weave.
We consider which looms to weave depend on the texture we aim.
Also, we care about materials of fabric.
We imagine the texture from the process of spinning yarns
Of course, we choose the material of yarn which country from.
These are reasons to make difference of the feeling even same yarn count and number of picks and ends per inch.
To convey the reason and meaning that we weave in Banshu area where the best yarn dyed weaving.
We Made mill 681 committee the quality of fabric with our pride.
From now on, we tell the story of the process or commitment of fabric on this page.
It is easy to copy the colour and pattern, it cannot be copy the texture and the feeling of the fabric that is committed from materials.
What is the difference in the present day full of things? What makes values even same looking? It makes us glad if we could share the value of our fabric.