The journey of Ueyama orimono since 1948

1948 Establsihed Ueyama Orimono by Kazunari Ueyama


Ueyama Orimono the company makes its start as a manufacturer of the lining and the sleek with 8 workers.


1969 Became Kazufumi Nishiwaki as the second-generation president


1982 Became Kazuki Ueyama as the third-generation president

1986 Expanded the factory and Introduced air and shuttle looms


1990 Developed the original fabric


1999 Developed the original yarn

2011 Became Nobuyuki Ueyma as the fourth-generation


2015 Expanded the factory and Introduced wide repier looms


2016 Introduced wide rapier and wide air looms

2019 Launched the original brand Made mill 681